Class Notes

Little Round Top at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

July 8, 2014

Pictured are members of the Deerfield Class of 1963 and their spouses/guests standing on Little Round Top at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on June 14, 2014. The group was hosted for two days by Ted McPherson ’63 and his wife Sally with lots of friendship and fun while dining in the historic McPherson family home, the next day seeing the film A New Birth of Freedom and the massive Cyclorama painting in the new Visitor Center and Museum, taking a guided tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, and a visiting a scenic local winery. In addition, several in the group joined in walking the site of Pickett’s Charge, while others enjoyed listening to a music festival, going into local shops, and relaxing on the porches and the yard at the McPherson home. This gathering followed by one year the Class of 1963’s fabulous 50th Reunion at Deerfield.

In short, everyone had a great weekend extending relationships formed years ago in the classrooms, dormitories, and on the playing fields of Deerfield —all thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Boyden and outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff who had such positive impact on our lives.

Left to right back row: Larry Langford, Luke Terry, Rick Ackerly, Ted McPherson, Tim Balch, Linda Sicher, David Sicher
Left to right middle row: Linda Balch (head is between Christine Marshall and Emilie Hinman), Sally McPherson (head is between JoMarie Halsey and Ruwe Halsey in center of photo), George Hinman (far right)
Left to right front row: Candy Langan (far left, holding wrist), Christine Marshall, Emilie Hinman, Jo Marie Halsey, Ruwe Halsey, Peter Acky (with binoculars), Ellen Robinson

(not shown: Fran Murphy, Rob Wood, Lucy Wood, Ralph Penny, Ann Penny)

Edward R. (Ted) McPherson