Class Notes

Plunkett – the “New Dorm”

June 19, 2014

During April my wife and I visited the Hill Country of central Texas, specifically to visit with George Dill, also DA ’51. We both spent our senior years housed at the far (southern) end of E-1, the first floor of the East wing of the “New Dorm.” (In time renamed Plunkett?)
When that building was demolished, George D. acquired its entry door. Frame, trim, glass, and door were all shipped to his home in Texas. George resides in Houston, having worked as a geologist for Chevron all over the world. (Not much rock & roll in Riyadh, he reported.) Upon retirement George built a second home in Fayetteville, TX, a 1 1/2 hour drive West of Houston.
That’s where I visited in April. Attached is a photo of George and I standing in front of the New Dorm door. That door seems to have handled the years better than we.

T.C. Reed