Class Notes

A note from Charlie Weymouth

June 19, 2014

Twich wanted a personal update, something, hopefully, uplifting, spirited, —and of relief.
Well!—-In the immediate past, our younger brother Sandy (Deerfield ’60), passed, with that prior wish he be buried “au natural” in his beloved woods. After personal toil to provide both an adequate hole and proper stone monument, each adjoining on this much sloped woods site, the County interceded to state he couldn’t be lowered in whole. Compressed in a miniscule coffin, with the help of two others in digging a most capacious orifice, now rapidly filling with water, the Earth received the ballasted remains, but if only in small sum. Two days after burial, an urgent call was received that the burial site and significant memorial statuary, was sitting on an unhappy neighbor’s sod. Removing the monument required rediscovery of shovels, pry bars, cabled winch. and a large wheel barrow In rediscovery and retracting the frozen remains , the coffin already asunder, the task was eased by a rapid flow of water, the grave being already filled, the underlayment of clay a superlative water trough. The last of the wood vessel had made a final attempt to head to the beyond—-down stream. Alas, the remains and monument were reset, with beautiful radials of varied colored stone ringing the monument. Location shall shortly be up on feelingscatharsis. com. From this Architect—Always build within your own boundaries.

Charlie Weymouth