Class Notes

55th Reunion

June 23, 2014

John Kikoski and Phil Stevens returned to celebrate our 55th class reunion. They were glad to have some time with Norm Carpenter, who had started with our class but after a ski-jumping injury in 1958 had to postpone graduation to 1960. He had returned to bury his wife’s ashes in his family plot in Laurel Hill Cemetery, near the Boydens, and Mo Hunt, and Larry Bohrer and other faculty, staff and friends of the Academy. The Class of 1964 organized several panel sessions on topical issues, including one on the unsustainably high costs of medical care. A panel on education today discussed some of the same issues John and Phil had discussed as panelists in a similar session at our 50th. Margarita Curtis stressed too-early specialization, now evident in middle school. Eric Widmer ‘57 and Meera Viswanathan reflected on the establishment of Kings Academy in Jordan, and on the need for globalization in school curricula. John’s knees kept him from joining Phil and some intrepid members of 1964 and the Grand Classes on a hike to the Rock, led by Margarita Curtis, which included a stop at Laurel Hill cemetery. After an hour or so our very fit Head of School literally ran back down to campus to attend another session before the traditional clambake. The weather and food and general good cheer made for a great weekend.

Phil Stevens