Class Notes

News from ’74

May 21, 2014

I have the great pleasure of moving to a phase of life: grandfather! My oldest, Sayce, recently had a daughter, Kira. I am awed to think another generation of the Falk family has started. I have to say that being a grandfather is a blast – all the joy and little of the work. We are taking advantage of close proximity while we can and getting in frequent visits.
Work at Boeing continues well, and will as long as I find new challenges to stimulate me. With my younger brother, Brad (DA class of ’76) retiring this summer, I see that as a possibility too. I grow increasingly interested in finding some way to give back to my various communities.
Finally, I sadly report that my youngest brother Jeff (DA Class of ’79) died suddenly this last year. Please live your lives richly and fully, for none of us knows how many days we are given.

Holton Falk