Class Notes

Catching Up with Mac and Linda MacLaren

May 21, 2014

Mac MacLaren and his wife, Linda, will have been married 51 years in June and are now residents of Sarasota, Florida. Quite a few ‘55ers are “snowbird” retirees living in The Sunshine State. Mac goes back to Connecticut for a few months in the summertime where he taught at several schools in the Lakeville area, most recently at Hotchkiss. He also took over and tended Linda’s family farm there. Mac prefers to pursue intellectual topics in his reading nowadays and keeps in shape by walking four miles a day with his dog. He has always been interested in biology after his start with Mr. Poland and has recently sent a DNA tissue sample off to the Genographic Project by National Geographic to explore his ancestral journey of 300,000 years.

Tom L’Esperance, 1955 Class Secretary