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Esty’s Rolling

March 7, 2014

Whenever, wherever over the last fifty years you have known Peter and Happy, you carry experiences and images of us and you that connect us. Now we give you a new picture to expand the memory.

Peter and Happy Esty

Peter and Happy Esty

At age 76 we have recently sold our treasured house in Sausalito and purchased an apartment in an expanding retirement community, now under construction, and ready for our occupancy in November. Spring Lake Village is situated on beautiful land in Sonoma County, an hour north of us. We move out of this house on February 1.

So what will we do for nine months? We have just purchased a used, cozy, accommodating (on a new scale!) camper van. As we now trim down our belongings, store what is needed for our rooted future, we pare down even more for our coming wheeled 9-month future.

In mid-February we will leave the San Francisco Bay area, head south in CA, see blooming deserts, linger in L.A. and then move across AZ, NM and TX. We will stop to see many of the countless beckoning sites and friends along our zig-zag route. On to New Orleans and a bit more of the deep south, then to hang out with many fellow gray-haired pals around FL. Ahead, Atlanta, the great Smokies, NC mountains, Blue Ridge, Skyline & Shenandoah Drives, Eastern Shore of MD, several stops in PA, Metro NYC, and upward and onward into the familiar northeast. We each have college reunions in Western MA late May, and then we prowl among old friends & families in our favorite haunts of New England and environs.

Somewhere we will park the camper van and our trusty dachshund Luke for most of September as we head out of the country. Back in October to begin our meandering way west across the northern states we have traversed several times in the past.

If you want to check in during our travels, we will be building a blog of pictures and minimal text you can access at

With love and all good wishes for the New Year. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us when our route brings us near your neighborhood. We will try to give some warning!


Happy and Peter

Peter Esty