Class Notes

Deerfield in São Paulo

March 7, 2014

Fifty one years ago, I left New York City on a cargo ship bound for Santos. Deerfield ’54, Yale ’58 and a short stint in the army preceded my decision to accept a job offer in Brazil. It was the beginning of an international learning experience that continues to this day.

For logistical reasons, it is unlikely that I will make it to our 60 th reunion this June. Ten years ago I won the award given to that individual who travelled the longest distance to attend our 50th. On that occasion my wife, Irene, and I were deeply impressed by what we saw. I was particularly pleased to conclude that Dr. Boyden’s mission of character building is still a driving force at the academy. As News Editor of the Scroll in 1954, I wrote several articles on Deerfield’s history–the massacre, the life and values of those early residents. Returning fifty years later, I marveled at the beauty of the Deerfield valley and especially at the small town itself, with its sense of common purpose. When I visit other parts of the United States, I sometimes feel like a stranger in my own country (a lot has changed in fifty- one years ) but, at Deerfield I felt at home.
Congratulations and remember you have a loyal Deerfield alumnus in São Paulo.

John DeMarmon Murray