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Deerfield Class of ’94 Newsletter

March 12, 2014

From the 1994 20th Reunion Hosts: Jenny Buck, Betsey Clark Dickson, TJ Filip, Dan Garrison, Mikey Glazer, Chris Halpin, Kacy White Hintze, Greg Lowry, E.B. McCusker, Jamie Roach Murray, Henry Oakey, Zoe Parker Smith, LT Thompson, Jon Wolanske

Have you even seen this photo in the last 20 years…or ever? (Click it to zoom in.)

Flashback: We took it 4 days before graduation, right before we got on buses to go to Boston for a boat ride on a Senior Day Off. I remember it as an overcast day.

It hung in my childhood bedroom in Massachusetts for years and I had a cycle of casually ogling it on the night before Thanksgiving or whenever that random night I’m “home” and crash in my kid twin bed that’s still there.

I asked some people in our class for reactions to the style, fashion, their own impressions or of others..this is what they said:

Judas Hicks: “I’m soooo excited about our class reunion: 20 YEARS!!! Where did the time go? 

So…after looking at the class photo, enlarging it, zooming in & then out (repeatedly), I looked like I was in Spain senior year. Please Photoshop me in there.”

Stephanie Lazar: “We look mostly like a bunch of preppy, young kids. I am particularly poorly dressed and my hair is too long.

We actually look innocent, too.

I have not looked at this picture in probably 19 years. Seeing some of the pics from those days make me cringe but I am still grateful for my time at DA.”

Preston Brown: “Hah well that is a blast from the past, haven’t seen that in 20 years. Thoughts?
1. S*** we all look young.
2. Kind of funny to see that uniforms were in play even when we weren’t wearing dress code…
3. There’s a whole lot more hair in that picture than we are going to see in June.”

Vladimir Marcel: “Still think this photo should have been in class dress.

That, and I really wish my pal, AJ was with us. He took me to my first Blues Traveler concert at MSG during Christmas break our freshman year.

Can’t wait to see you all in June.”

Greg Lowry: “Bubba, TJ and Beidler demonstrate their mid ‘90s athleticism by appearing twice in the ’94 class photo…look for them to rely on Photoshop for the reunion pic.”

Will you share yours? Will you send your impressions (or snark) for a follow up email?

When I was unexpectedly home at Thanksgiving this year, I took it off the wall, ripped it off its matte, and cut it out of it’s frame to fit on a scanner so I could “take it with me”. I meant to write an email like this back around Christmas, thinking about our upcoming 20th reunion.

It’s now 3 months away:

 Yellow is now. Green are the reunion dates.

Friday, June 6- Saturday, June 7. Departing Sunday, June 8.

Can you tell us what you’re thinking?

I realize that with families, work commitments, and summer travel that Deerfield and this time in your life holds a different priority for each of us. Which is why the last thing I want to do is bother you, if you’ve closed the door to the experience.

Thus, 1 question. Where are you at now? Will you take the short survey below and let me know??

So back to the photo:

Frank Beidler, have you regretted that you just fell short?

Do we all regret our flannels and Tevas or has anyone initiated their wardrobe in to their own personal hall of fame?

Reaching out to various people and hearing their take has gotten me fired up for June, and I hope this sparks a thought or memory in you as well.

Sound off in an email–I’d love to share some follow up comments in the next email.

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