Class Notes

Life in Hollywood

February 11, 2014

I’ve been plugging away in Hollywood. It’s been a productive couple of years as I wrote, directed and produced an award-winning short film called NEIGHBORS that Scott MacArthur lent his amazing acting talent to. I’ve been performing stand-up comedy in LA for the last two years. I got the fantastic opportunity to work with Annie Lynch producing a web-series that she directed called COURT ORDERED. I, myself, also directed a music video for the band EPIC JAM, and I got the chance to write and direct several marketing spots for a new influenza vaccine called Flublok, check them out on their youtube page (Protein Sciences). The great news of 2014 so far is that I’m currently finalizing a deal to produce a feature film titled NIGEL & OSCAR VS. THE SASQUATCH and I’m about to complete teaching a screenwriting course in Florida. It’s been a lot of fun and something I didn’t think would come that naturally to me. I must’ve learned how to teach from the DA faculty by osmosis. Good begets good. Anyway, I hope to have a lot of great updates to follow!

Judd Cherry