Class Notes

A Class of 1958 Note

February 24, 2014

On December 23rd, after 55 years of silence, Charlie Scribner, MD ’58 phoned Brian Rosborough ’58 from the ICU unit at Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital in Boston saying he might not see Christmas. A collapsed lung and other problems were arrested and Charlie is now resting comfortably on oxygen at Concord Health Care. A recent visit found Charlie emerged in Killer Angels, the Civil War classic, and keen to discuss his favorite subject of Prehistoric Astronomy where Charlie has been a follower of Alex Marshack and Alexander Tome. If you are itching to talk about eclipses, lunar calendars, or the Saturn – Jupiter conjunction, drop Charlie a line @ Concord Health Center, 57 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Concord, MA. 01742