Class Notes

’83 Shout Outs

January 27, 2014

So many classmates made our B&B evening memorable! Ben Patton, Chris Flagg, Nelse Clark and Peter Geary were able join Doug Schmidt and John Knight in person and we even had a surprise guest! (more later).

We also got calls, emails and texts from Dean Singewald, Eric Suher, Jim Wareck, Dave Venman, Jon Gottscho and Hank Lemieux. We were especially sad that Hank had moved back to San Fran only days before and that our date change didn’t work out for others like Wolf, Cruikshank and Spence Brown.

Ben wins the “first responder award” but Nelse Clark showed his brass cahones when he pulled out opened bottles of his Privateer Rum to show his sincerely interested classmates. Bartender tensions were dissipated after Nelse flashed his signature smile and let them take a whiff too…

Ben is ramping up his I Was There Film Workshops for PTSD surviving veterans, Nelse is marketing Privateer far and wide, Chris is in NYC real estate and Peter is in advertising. Schmidt makes it all happen, no matter what “it” is!

And the special guest? Phil Toub ’84 (but did not graduate for disciplinary reasons). Schmidt had been in a meeting when the dots started to connect so Phil got the invite…

Hope to catch some more classmates next time and to hear that our west coast branch makes an effort to establish meet-ups out there. Might have to be Sushi & Perrier instead of Beer & Burger?

John Knight