Class Notes

DC and Boston…and the IHL

December 11, 2013

’83 turning out at Deerfield Receptions!

Top: Welcome to DC to Scott Pryce and family! A brief stay in Brazil after his days in Spain didn’t quite pan out for the family so they are in Washington now. America’s got new talent!

Below: Charlie van Dusen attended the Boston event last night and enjoyed reminiscing about the IHL Champion Maple Leafs and his elegant (i.e. disputed) goal in the final game over Bob Fitz and the Canadiens.

Additional: Not only does the Stanley Can live in my office, I have copies of season stats from 1979-1990. In our senior year the Leafs and the Bruins finished the regular season at 7-3-1, the Canadiens at 4-7 and the Blackhawks at 3-8. In the playoff semi-finals, the Canadiens stunned the Bruins 2-1 and the Leafs handled the Hawks 4-2. In the final the Leafs won 2-1. Charlie’s goal was his only of the season (unverified).

Top scorers in the IHL that year:
First Line: D. Smith (8), Ehmann and Esty (7), Jackson, Pauley and Piersol (6)
Second Line: Wolf (8), S Brown (7)
Third line: Rigsby (9)

John Knight