Class Notes

Good Luck!

October 17, 2013

So a few of us from the class are at a dinner in NYC but not all at the same table. One classmate says, “Hey John, I’d like to meet that new Dean of Admission, Pam Safford.” So after dinner I introduce my classmate, who reminds us that he has a child applying to DA this year. Another classmate notices that the new Dean of Admission is only occupied by two classmates and introduces himself, and reminds her that he has a child in the applicant pool this year. Finally the fourth member of our tribe notices all the attention being paid to the new Dean of Admission by our class and comes over to mention…he has a child in the applicant pool this year as well.

Pam was a good sport to pose for the photo and she brings that balance to her work. My fingers are crossed for all the great sons and daughters of alumni who will apply this year. They do tend to fare better in the process, like 3 times better than a non-legacy candidate, but in the final accounting fewer than 50% in that category are offered admission.

This was the dinner where Rob Hale ’84 and his wife Karen announced their $25MM gift for financial aid to DA, the single largest gift ever made to the Academy. It was a terrific event and Deerfield will thrive because of all of our philanthropy combined, not just Rob’s. Please remember the annual fund when an email or letter comes your way or go to

John Knight

Class of 1983