Class Notes

A trip to Asia

October 7, 2013

On our return from a recent trip to China, Gloria and I stopped in Tokyo to see Nori Kabayama. He is living in a very nice retirement home just off the Ginza in Tokyo. He is currently confined to a wheel chair as a result of a surgical attempt to repair his back which he broke a number of years ago. He has severe osteoporosis which probably explains part of the problem. He is, however in good spirits and his mind is still sharp.

His son, Masa, and wife Michiko arranged for all of us to have dinner with Nori at the residence in a private dining room. They have an excellent chef and we had one of the finest Japanese dinners I have ever had which Nori ordered himself. He talks a lot about Deerfield and the those he knew well there. I know he would be delighted to hear from any of you who knew him as he is alone, having lost his wife, Utako, to alzheimers several years ago. I’m very glad that we made the time to stop and see him for as time goes by friendships become even more important. Masa, who some of you know, is now working for Apple in Tokyo.

Gloria and I continue our lives in Honolulu where I’m still working part time at the investment management firm I joined in 1986 and Gloria is still a travel agent but winding down. We have a place on the island of Hawaii where we spend some time. Let us know if you come this way.

Hal Henderson

Class of 1951