Class Notes

5th annual Friends of Deerfield Korea Open

October 7, 2013

The 5th annual Friends of Deerfield Korea Open took place on September 27, 2013 at Hevichi Country Club. Under beautiful weather conditions, we had a turnout with 16 players, including Deerfield parents and alumni. We used the “Shin Peoria” handicapp format for his tournement. Dr. Youngdoo Yoon (Haeri Yoon’s father) was crowned the 2013 Champion as he shot a net score of 72.8 to narrowly defeat Sangbum Kim who shot a net score of 73.2.. Many thanks to Inwoo Chang (’90) for getting us the T-times. Thank you all for participating and look forward to future events with everyone.

Final Results:
Champion (Youngdoo Yoon-P’11) (72.8)
Nearest (Youngdoo Yoon-P’11)
Haengwoon Sang (Sunglim Chi-P’11)

Men’s Top Finishers:
2nd Place (Sangbum Kim-P’14) (73.2)
3rd Place (Jongkwan Lim-P’09) (73.4)
4th Place (Inwoo Chang-’90) (74)

Women’s Top Finishers:
2nd Place (Kanghee Song-P’13) (75.8)
3rd Place (Haeli Jung-P’15) (77.2)
4th Place (Jihyun Nam-P’09) (77.4)

Terry Lee

Class of 1984