Class Notes

Veni Vidi Vici…1st Class ’65 Mini Reunion Concludes

July 24, 2013

WE Came, WE Saw. & We Conquered…Hikes to “Diana’s Baths” and summit of “Cathedral Ledge” here in the Mt. Washington Valley of NH that is! Pic was taken after we were caught in a torrential downpour out on the trail. All of us were completely soaked to the skin…but hey we’re tough guys and it didn’t even slow us down!

Lt. to Rt: Jay Brady, Peter Russell, flick, Andy, Pat Mahoney, Jeff Reder, & Charlie Seyffer. Warning; our soaked clothing makes us all look more hefty than we really are…it’s all an optical illusion. Wives of Jay, Andy, and Jeff also accompanied us and are responsible for the picture!

Activities kicked off early Friday evening. Most participants arrived Saturday a.m. The intermittent inclement weather did not dampen our spirits and enthusiasm. After our hike we drove over to the Mt. Washington Hotel for a delightful dinner out of doors on the veranda of Stickley’s Restaurant. We were delighted with an early evening rainbow and wonderful food! Returned back to flick’s for good conversation and some fine Cuban cigars (via my pilot son thru Dubai) out on the deck. The rain had passed thru by this time. We actually didn’t hit the sack until after midnight! Not bad for a bunch of “old farts”! Everyone had departed homeward by noon this morning. Think everyone enjoy the “Fli-Coronas”!

Unfortunately Dan Ziskind, Tim Byrne, and Sam Weisman had to cancel out at the last moment for personal reasons. WE missed you guys but they assured us that they will make our 50th…and so should YOU!

This is/was the first of what we hope will be several regional “mini reunions” to be held prior to our 50th reunion now < 2 years away. Hope to plan similar events in the greater NYC area, and perhaps Chicago, San Fran, LA and ? FL. Andy and Terry O’Toole (50th reunion coordinator in Alum. Off.) will help us move forward with these plans.

A special thanks to my dear wife Karen for being such a gracious hostess and for continuing to put up with me and all my Deerfield buddies. There aren’t many Deerfield stories that she hasn’t heard many times before!

God bless Andy Steele for reminding us all that it was still not too late to make a contribution to this year’s Annual Fund!…a bit of a “spoil-sport” or a “party pooper” if you ask me!

Hope everyone has a delightful summer and a Happy 4th of July. God bless America and the great class of 1965!


Edward Flickinger

Class of 1965