Class Notes

An Incredible Adventure

July 16, 2013

Lou Greer reflects on an “incredible (summer) adventure” when he and a classmate trekked Down East up to Newfoundland: “In 1954 the late Bob Nordlander and I were selected by the International Grenfell Association to be WOPs (Without Pay) summer workers at a remote settlement in Labrador. We built the foundation for a new hospital that was replacing an older structure that was the hospital for the French Canadian and Indian settlers and the fur trappers north of Goose Bay. The only ways to reach NWR (North West River) back then were by boat in the summer and by dog sled in the winter.

Work Boat Norwester & Scows at North West River, Labrador, in 1954

It was an amazing adventure, about which I wrote an article a few years ago for Them Days, a publication that reports on the history of the area. In June the abandoned hospital building burned down. I must confess to being saddened by the news. That adventure was a significant chapter of my youth, and the passing of the building is a personal loss.”