Class Notes

55’ers 58th Reunion

July 16, 2013

Our 58th Reunion in 2013 was marked by an outstanding milestone — Jay Morsman’s 53rd year as a faculty member at Deerfield! Jay personified our Class of 1955 with his devoted presence at Deerfield that has been exceeded only by Mr. Boyden’s 66 year tenure at the Academy. Mike Grant relates“We had a small, but stellar group there to mark Jay Morsman’s retirement at the Deerfield Reunions. Michael Mayor, Terry Fuller, Ayres Hall, Lou Greer, Moose Morton, John Spurdle, John Glasheen and myself showed up and enjoyed the day. Jay had already been recognized at several dinners and receptions earlier, and his big surprise was the awarding of the Deerfield Medal at graduation. Mimi was individually recognized at the reunion by Head of School Margarita Curtis for her long and exceptional service as Alumni Secretary, and the Alumni Association has established an annual award in their honor for an Alumnus who has contributed significantly to the Academy.”

All photos were taken by Terry Fuller and Lou Greer.