Class Notes

Mayor Doings

June 5, 2013

We are eating plant-based, nutrition rich here in Hanover, following the guidelines of “Forks over Knives” and Caldwell and Rip Esselstyn’s books (Erik’s [’55] father [’52] and nephew, respectively), with titles “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,: “The Engine 2 Diet” and “My Beef with Meat.”

Half of our grandchildren (five in number) are going to school together here in Hanover as their mothers (our daughters) pursue their careers here in town.

Lili is preparing a major exhibition of her prints at the AVA Gallery she helped to establish 40 years ago, to open this September.

I am busy with research in the Thayer Engineering School Biomedical Engineering Center for Orthopaedics in continuing efforts to improve the longevity of replaced joints like the hip and knee. We are husbanding one of the world’s largest collections of retrieved joint parts, now numbering over 12,000, with me having scrutinized each of them in turn, with photographs and numerical damage ratings of what they suffered at the hands of their human hosts. Do I miss the Orthopaedic Operating Room? Oh, a little, maybe, but I don’t miss the burden of clinical tyranny that came with it.

No major physical decline, yet, still we are contemplating establishing at least partial residence in our local senior residential and continuing care community, Kendal at Hanover, as much as anything as a gift to our children.

Michael ’55  and Elizabeth (Lili) Mayor
Hanover, New Hampshire