Class Notes

Collected ’05 notes

June 21, 2013

Annie Gibbons helped collect some ’05 class notes:

Rachel Cohen: Last year I got my Masters of Education from the Harvard School of Education, and am having a great time putting it to work. I’m currently living in Cambridge, MA with my boyfriend, and teaching 9th grade Reading at a Charter High School in Lynn, MA. It’s been great to live near friends and family, and I hope to stay in MA for at least one more year.

Zachary DeWitt: After two great years living and working in San Francisco, heading back to Boston in the fall to attend Harvard Business School.

Peter Tufo: I just moved back to NYC after two years on the West Coast to work as COO of a clothing company my two friends (who I met through Chris
Kempner ’04) started called Faherty Brand. Excited to have a big group
of DA interns, Will Hess ’12, Brooke DeWitt ’12, Charlie
Pasciucco ’13, Mollie Laverack ’11, Charlotte Dewey ’11 and Olivia Koufakis ’11 helping out throughout the summer.

Cassie Buckhart writes in after recently visiting Caroline Woodworth at her new home in London. “Caroline and I had a great time traveling around Europe together. We signed every guest book we could with Deerfield ’05 as an entry (note: you can also find Deerfield ’05 guest book sign-ins throughout parts of Beijing and Hong Kong, and potentially somewhere in Las Vegas). This fall Cassie is moving to Paris to complete her final year of graduate school for an MFA in furniture design.”
Picture attached of Cassie and Caroline Woodworth

Annie Gibbons: I’m going on 3 years of working for Bluewolf, a technology consulting firm, based in NYC. In December I moved to NYC from San Francisco, but continue to travel to Denver during the weekdays for work.

Julia di Bonaventura is currently living in Boston doing career awareness and job readiness work with under-served and under-resourced youth in the city.

Lizzie Craft: I moved out of NYC and am currently living in Kuala Lumpur working for a startup ecommerce company based throughout SE Asia. Come visit!

Taft Huffard (Captain ’05): Working for American Giant in San Francisco while also rallying the Captain Deerfield lineage to stage a coup.

Eric Lanser: I am moving to New York this summer to start my MBA at Columbia Business School.

Mari Silipo: Living with great friends in Cambridge (including Mary Adair ’04) and loving life in Boston. Working in sales and recruitment for a start-up called TurningArt, a Boston-based e commerce website & service aiming to make more artwork more accessible for more people. Check it out! Getting home to visit Coach as often as I can and psyched to celebrate his 200th career football win this season. Go Big Green!

Stuart Berkeley just graduated from Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia and is moving back to Washington, D.C. to start as a consultant with Accenture in October.