Class Notes

’77 news

June 21, 2013

All is well here in the hinterlands of northern Westchester NY. Avery (12) and J. H.T.S. Jr. (9) are relishing the end of school and wondering aloud how many thousands of miles we can rack up this summer driving them places. Jackson had a great year on the ice, finishing second in the Hudson Valley squirt B tournament. His team was coached by Coleman Church ( D.A. ’88) whose son Alex also played on the team and who has become a good friend.
Without a doubt, the ” bucket list” event of the year was made possible by Jack Bohman who graciously invited me to join him at the Masters in Augusta GA for the first and second rounds.this past spring. It was an incredibly generous offer by Jack and the experience of a lifetime for me. I would share pictures to prove I was there but they taser you if you bring a camera on the course. You”ll have to trust me when I tell you I was up close and personal when Tiger made the, ” drop heard ‘ round the world” on 15. That moment, having a cocktail on the veranda of the clubhouse and visiting the members only loo are memories for a lifetime. Thank you Jack.
Anyone in the NYC area who would like to catch up, please give a call. .

Tucker Smith

Class of 1977