Class Notes

’49 Update

June 5, 2013

Remain healthy and full of beans. Playing tennis and golf. Travelling a good deal … last year to Turkey ( best trip ever ), and this spring my wife, Sandy, and I are off on a “see the castles on the Rhine” trip. Received my fifth grandchild three weeks ago. More time on the floor building block towers is bound to keep me young.

Sadly, I don’t see many ’49ers in the course of a year. Pete Cruickshank is not far away and we catch up annually in Williamsburg, VA. I used to play tennis with Bill Whelan in Vero Beach, FL, but now he is gone. What a wonderful, gifted gentleman.

I look forward to our reunion next June, and hope that all classmates will make a supreme effort to come back. We shared some unique experiences together. Let’s gather and laugh till it hurts, once again.

John Beard

Class of 1949