Class Notes

’98 News

June 21, 2013

Since last summer I got engaged to my partner, Jere Paolini, and moved into our first home in Philadelphia where I forge ahead with the arts. In the fall, The Requisite Movers invited me to do Wellspring, a professional development program focusing on the choreography process. My bio now reads: Inspired by the everyday, Jennifer Turnbull illuminates stories with the strongest themes and most powerful experiences to her audience. During the class reunions I debuted “Convergence,” a piece that shines light onto how we cycle, repeat, and revise within communities we share with family, friends, elders and ancestors.
2013 marks 10 years as an arts and movement educator (woo hoo!), developing and delivering curriculum independently and with organizations like the Barnes Foundation & Spiral Q. Projects like, SWARM, a percussion band and performance collective, and “The Peoples’ Bus Map” allow me to experiment with music and delve further into visual art making.

Jennifer Turnbull

Class of 1998