Class Notes

Jim Stanley ’55

March 13, 2013

Tom L’Esperance writes: “It is with sadness that we report the passing of Jim Stanley. Jim ‘passed away peacefully this morning’, Feb. 24, 2013, in San Jose, CA, according to his son, Richard Stanley, who informed Jim’s Harvard roommate, Ward Elliott. Ward writes that Jim ‘was lovable, creative, funny, athletic and insightful, always good company, yet vulnerable, too. I’m glad he came back for his 50th Harvard reunion. And let’s not forget all those 1950’s vintage Astounding Science Fictions that he saved all these years. The world is a bleaker, sadder place without him.’ Another one of Jim’s roommates, Tom Nuzum, reminisces with ‘What a flood of memories, made stronger, happier, more poignant by Jim in their midst. I second every one of Ward’s adjectives, and his conclusion about the world. With love for him, for Floyd, and for those of us who remain, Ol’ Tom (nickname by Jimmy Stanley).’ The late Floyd Moloy was the fourth roommate. Lou Greer relates that  “Jim Stanley was an inspiration to me through his dedication to and performance in swimming.  I’m sure he exhibited the same commitment to his professional and family lives;  Jim was that sort of guy.  He’s one among many of our Deerfield classmates that I regret having lost touch with over the years.”   Many additional testimonials and photos have been compiled in the super attachment by Alfred Scott, who is the husband of Jim’s sister, Meredith (Stanley) Scott. The attachment can be viewed at: A pamphlet of this attachment will also be on display under the Class of 1955 in the lobby of the library during the 2013 Reunion.