Class Notes

Deerfield at Alta/Snowbird, Utah

February 25, 2013

I just spent a long weekend with Doyle Flaherty, Chris James and Toby Pratt skiing at Alta/Snowbird in Utah.
Besides making time to be together a few times a year, all of us are doing very well respectively.
Chris James and his wife recently purchased their first home in LA and enjoyed doing some major renovations to the property right off the bat. He is working at a boutique risk management firm, Venbrook, while also enjoying a very healthy and active west coast lifestyle.
Toby Pratt is loving his job running an equity event driven portfolio at Capstone Investment Advisors in NYC. He lives with Doyle Flaherty who is returning to his old firm, FSA, to lend his mortgage backed scurities knowledge to the firm where he worked out of college. Toby and Doyle also understand that they may need to change their living situation soon as their respective loves in their lives may request that they move in with them.
I am doing very well living with my wife and 2-year-old in the suburbs of Boston where I started my own investment firm, Okemo Capital Management, which manages a select group of families’ and institutions’ public and private investments.

All in all, we acknowledge that time together is becoming more and more precious, and we’ll continue to schedule some yearly trips like these to catch up and enjoy the amazing laughs and encouragement that all started at Deerfield.

Adam Sureau

Class of 2001