Class Notes

Update from London

January 31, 2013

After 22 years in London we have never stopped missing New England seasons. Kids are increasingly spread out – Morgan – Dartmouth junior now in Jackson Hole, Austin – Fresher at Durham (UK), and Silas at Wellington – a boarding school which is part of Round Square as Deerfield is. So there is one missing from the picture – Austin. My father (Deerfield ’47) mentioned to me that our family tree has an Enos Bronson in it. He also figures first in the list of Deerfield Heads as Preceptor in 1799. I did not know we were involved in Deerfield from its very start. In 2011 I left Environmental Resources Management at the time of a private equity transaction and purchased a small scale bio-diesel company and I also took on the task of rescuing a botanic garden on the Isle of Wight ( All Deerfield is more than welcome at Ventnor Botanic Garden!

John T. Cirtis

Class of 1977