Class Notes

Recent Visits to Atlanta and San Antonio

January 25, 2013

Always fun to travel for the Academy, especially when I get to visit classmates!

After a fun DA reception at White Oak Kitchen in Atlanta (owned by Alan LeBlanc ’80) a random group (including Clay Holloway ’66, John Knight ’83, Chris Murphy ’85, David Van Riper ’85, Andrew Hough ’89) marched down the street to Max Lager’s (also owned by Alan) and drank a single malt scotch toast to Jay and Mimi Morsman on the news of their retirement. Murph does “logistics” in Atlanta area, Van Riper writes software for Suzuki and Andy is an M&A lawyer. Solid citizens all and lots of bad ’80s memories….

The bleary eyes I brought to breakfast the next day were immediately cleared by the broad grin of Hardie Jackson ’83. So fun to see him and catch up. He’s in constant contact with Charlie Gagne and both are planning on making the 30th reunion…Hardie is busy as COO of a promising young company distributing custom athletic protection for all at Evoshield.

The day before Atlanta I caught up with Brian Steward ’83, our award winning San Antonio lawyer. (Good to know there is help for us all over the map if we need it!) He’s got reunion on the radar too. Also got a big bear-hug from Corby Snow ’81

John Knight

Class of 1983