Class Notes

News from ’71

January 21, 2013

John Haigis writes in: “Jan and I continue to work on history, trolleys and music in Darby and environs (just outside Philadelphia) and are in the early stages of creating an Academy of Building Conservation. Working on old buildings requires a special skill set and the best way to learn may be to work on old buildings (which we have in abundance, The greenest building is the one already built because it represents a past investment, present asset, and future possibility. We seek to appreciate, cherish and utilize the past but keep the indoor plumbing.

We are also seeking help to produce “Pudd’nhead” a folk-opera based on Twain’s “Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson” and “Wall Street Beggar’s Opera” updating John Gay’s 1728 classic where MacHeath is now a stockbroker and the Beggar impoverished by the economic collapse. Please visit us on the web and let us know how you are doing.