Class Notes

News from ’64

January 24, 2013

Lowell Davis writes in: “The above photo shows Lowell Davis ’64, Buddy Teevens ’75, and David Hagerman ’64 during pre-season football practice at Dartmouth in August 2012. Buddy is the Head Coach at Dartmouth, and David works in the Development Office at Dartmouth. I was visiting the Hanover area connecting with alumni from the Landon School where I have taught and coached for almost 40 years in Bethesda, Md.

I was being introduced to Buddy for the first time by David when Buddy shook my hand and said, “My wife told me that some guy fell from a motor scooter and landed on the sidewalk in front of our home last night.” Broken clavicle and busted ribs aside, a big bruise to my ego suddenly appeared.

A lesson which I never learned at Deerfield: Never put a tennis racket and golf clubs on the back of a motor scooter and think that you are going to enjoy the exercise to come.

Best wishes to all”

Lowell Davis

Class of 1964