Class Notes

news from 1971

January 17, 2013

I am back in the thick of it working as a consultant to Hampton-Sydney College in Virginia. I helped manage a new campus master plan and am now leading a project to design and construct a new student center. It’s great fun to be on the owner’s side of the table when dealing with architects! Hank Haff has provided invaluable advice as I’ve made this transition.

I enjoy keeping up with Peter Ray’s recent work in documentary film making and comparing notes on camera equipment. We’ve come a long way from the long days in the darkroom in the basement of the Memorial Building. Even compared notes on hip replacements with JD Mills who was doing some research for a family member. My ordeal continues, but no longer affects my day to day activities. Not quite ready for the golf match that Mark Marcoplos and I have been planning, however. All of these remind me that the relationships we form at Deerfield have value for a long time.

Ann and I look forward to meeting our second and third grandchildren when they are born this summer.

KC Ramsay Class of 1971