Class Notes

Memories from 1946

January 17, 2013

Harry Winston writes: “As I enter my 85th year and 60th year of marriage I often think of Deerfield and what a great experience it was. I think back to the year 1943-44 when I lived in Dean Hall (which I understand no longer stands), and the nights we raised cane and poor Mr. Hubbard (who was just married) would stagger out and admonish us. Our punishment was to get up at 4:00 AM and walk up the mountain behind the Academy. Picking potatoes on the flats to help the farmers during those wartime years. But most of all at a varsity basketball game when some of the students started to boo and catcall over a decision against our team. Mr. Boyden stood up, clapped his hands, and that was that. No more noise. My best to all my classmates and continued success at Deerfield.”