Class Notes

Greetings from Japan

January 17, 2013

This photo was taken last summer at the entrance of my new home in Mie Prefecture, which is about 40 miles south of the city of Nagoya (the 3rd largest city, situated right around the center of Japan). Euiduk, my older brother (class of 1983), has 4 kids, a boy, girl, boy, girl, all 2 years apart. Euiduk and his Japanese wife (Taeko-san), truly choreographed the delivery well ! I am in the middle of the photo, with my my Chinese girlfriend on the right (Taeko-san took the photo so she is not pictured here). This was as usual, a hot humid summer and we swam in the nearby ocean, got all baked, and then chowed at a local Korean barbecue restaurant. With plenty of cold beer, the dinner was excellent, but whenever Euiduk and I get together, we talk about how much we miss American traditions, one being a family style barbecue. I hope to attend the 30th reunion in 2014 and reunite with my classmates.

Wonduk Han Class of 1984