Class Notes

Catching up on news

January 24, 2013

It has been a while since I reported any news, but quite a lot has happened. Until last Spring we had lived
in Northern California for a very long time: longer by far than we have ever lived anywhere else. But, during
the past few years we made a search for a new somewhere else. This succeeded when we moved to Cold Spring
in the Hudson River Valley. This means that we are (according to Google) about 2 and a half hours from
Deerfield, unlike many of my classmates who seem to have fled to Florida. We love the snow and have
already made a ski trip to Mad River Glen. Other advantages here are proximity to NYC and relatively
easy flights to Europe. I continue my scientific work which, of course, always takes much longer
than planned or hoped. Ilse has a new studio and continues her painting, which seems to develop quicker
and in any case provides much pleasure.

Michael D. Godfrey

Class of 1955