Class Notes

An Update from ’63

January 23, 2013

Tim Balch let us know: “2012-2013 was quite a transition. I have long known that if I lived long enough, I would need an aortic valve replaced. And so, on Nov 6 it was done. I was discharged on Nov 11 (our wedding anniversary), and readmitted on Nov 13, due to an unusual allergy to heparin (used as an anticoagulant during surgery).

The second hospitalization was six weeks, while the physicians waited for blood platelets to restore, (generated by bone marrow, there is no alternative) so, at that point, though I had less than ideal platelet count, the EP study was completed on the heart to determine if I needed defibrillator, etc. the study was negative, so no implant of devices, etc. almost back to normal as I will be off the Coumadin in two weeks (preventive therapy for platelet restoration.)

With a bit of help from the Creator, I will look forward to the climb to the Rock in June. Looking forward to seeing classmates and the Morsmans at Reunions. Hope to have voice in shape!