Class Notes

’83 Lunch Meeting

January 25, 2013

I took PEODU to lunch recently. That’s President Elect of Denison University, Dr. Adam Weinberg. I couldn’t bear the thought of him no longer being 30 miles away, although we’ve only seen each other four times in the six years he’s been nearby…

And if you asked the thoughtful and reflective former defense-man from Dallas, he would say he wishes he had kept up with Deerfield, and his classmates a little bit better. As he nears age 50 and reflects on the formative moments in his life, turns out we were a big part of it.

To remedy his melancholy, Adam swore on his Class of ’83 tie that he would be at our 30th reunion. (Register now…) He then followed that up with a bit of a surprise: a recurring credit card gift for five years in recognition of his love for DA and our upcoming time together as a class…

Let’s keep working at keeping our lines of communication open and sharing laughs together when we have the chance. We are an incredible group, this Class of ’83.

Thanks for the reminder Adam. We wish you well in your next chapter.

John Knight

Class of 1983