Class Notes

’81 News

January 31, 2013

I spoke with Andy Cohen ’81 recently, as well as Craig Slater ’81 and Andy Freedman ’76. I spent an afternoon with Alex Navarro ’82 and his family a few months ago. He and I reminisced about our days in Plunkett and commented that our ‘class notes pages’ get farther away from the back of the magazine each time it arrives. I bought a house in Lexington MA last year that was built in 1797 and couldn’t help but wonder if the folks building the house got the news about the new school being built in Deerfield that year. The house is a project and an enjoyable one. I continue my work at the Erving Paper Mills trying to keep a 107-year-old paper mill relevant for its customers. The company barely survived the recession and is thriving now. Last night I was helping my 14-year-old son with his geometry proofs; Al Schell’s voice, manner and instruction came right to mind.

Morris Housen

Class of 1981