Class Notes

1948 Update

January 23, 2013

Gordon Hall reports: “It’s time I checked in and accounted for myself. I am retired from developing commercial real estate, now managed by 2 of my 3 sons. The other son teaches at Concord Academy. I am in pretty good health, allowing for an ’87 bypass, a ’00 stent, 2 hip replacements and a knee replacement. Medicare is amazing, and it’s easy to see why it will sink us if we don’t limit/modify it pretty seriously. I live in Marblehead, Mass. of which it’s said “is a drinking town with a sailing problem.” I have an IMX40 which we race (tactical racing around the buoys – not blue water) with a wonderful crew of guys who are 40-50 years younger than me. They’re good for me. We’ve won the Nationals, and do pretty well in Mass. Bay and Newport. I fly fish, mostly from our camp in Northern Maine, next to the Allagash River, but occasionally in distant locations. Mostly, I’m very involved in and dedicated to 3 non-profits whose mission is conservation, the environment, and teaching kids about both. Deerfield was very good for me. Mr. Boyden’s entreaty to “finish up strong” is something of a paradox at this age. I’m doing my best, but some days I don’t exactly feel the energy Mr. Boyden imparted when he said it to us.”