Class Notes

The latest from Tinsel Town

October 4, 2012

Carol and I are enjoying our condo in Studio City — right across the Tujunga Wash from the CBS news headquarters with its impressive array of satellite dishes. We have all the comforts including a swimming pool at our door. We see the fireworks and hear the concerts from CBS. I am very involved in church work. I man the Christian Science Reading Room right on Ventura Boulevard twice a week. I get back and forth by bus since neither Carol nor I are driving these days. My son and my sister are both still in my old haunts in DC — so I only see them about once a year. It’s nice to know that the ocean is just over the hill from here — but I’ve only been over to enjoy it once in the last twelve years. Replying to e-mails is the new time burner. Always great to recall the days back in the valley!
Roberto Cuniberti Class of 1943