Class Notes

New Books and New Business

October 5, 2012

Hello all:

I just want to tell you that I am alive and well.

Also, very busy doing what I like to do. I am still at Stanford telling graduate students what they should be doing.

And I published two books recently: “Advanced Batteries: Materials Science Aspects”, and “Energy Storage”, both with Springer. And now I am working with one of my former students to get a new advanced battery company started called Alveo Energy. Those of you who remember the Latin that you took from Mr. Coffin will know that Alveo means “hole or tunnel”. The reason the the use of that name is that the critical feature of the unusually favorable batteries is that the electrodes have crystal structures containing atomic-sized holes.

My wife Patty and I sold our wonderful 47 foot sailboat in England last year, and we now have to find something else to do with our time. It is beginning to look like a cruise or two may do for a while.

If any of you are in the vicinity of Stanford, please call: 650-843-0613.

Robert Huggins Class of 1946