Class Notes

John J. McCloy II ’55

October 3, 2012

John relates that it’s not been a great year – Laura has endured two knee replacements, plus a shoulder and an ankle replaced. Lots of “little steel bits and pieces”, but “Whatever — body and soul stays together and you gotta be grateful for it”. He and Laura are trying to sell their house in Greenwich and most likely head to Florida away from the winter when “it sets in and the steel gets cold.” We also spoke of John’s famous dad who was the Assistant Secretary of War ( WWII ), president of the World Bank and U.S. High Commissioner for Germany. He lived to age 92 and, above all, John states “The greatest thing he was, was a father”. Similarly, Mr. Boyden astonished John and Laura by showing up at their wedding in Atlanta in 1970. When John asked “What are you doing here?” Mr. Boyden replied “Well, you sent me an invitation.” He continued by saying that he would go to “my boys’ weddings – every one of them — if they would invite me!” They were both remarkable men.

Submitted by Tom L’Esperance Class of 1955