Class Notes

’79 New Deerfield Parents

September 17, 2012

Hi Classmates –

Four proud dads watched their kids join the Deerfield ranks last week.

Brad Palmer’s daughter Kate joins the freshman class.

Esteemed Deerfield teacher and classmate, Marc Dancer is the proud dad of Sarah, now a freshman.

And Chris Hunt’s older daughter, Molly, is newly arrived at Deerfield as a junior. She joins her sister Heidi who is a sophomore.

Also in the freshman class is my son Corby.

Somehow I didn’t get everyone together for one photo, so two photos tell the story (below).

Deerfield looks great. As previously mentioned, I thought all the boarding schools we visited were terrific. Yet, it truly felt wonderful seeing him on campus and moved into John Williams, 2nd floor. He reports that he is thrilled to be there! Other freshman dorms include Barton (can you believe freshman on Barton III?), Dewey and the New Dorm (first year in use).

Dan Pryor Class of 1979