Class Notes

Unexpected Get-Together at Tanglewood

July 3, 2012

Karen and I attended the Garrison Keillor “Prairie Home Companion” live performance @ Tanglewood last Sat. evening. This was sponsored by the Deerfield Club of NE. Just two rows in front of us were seated Coach Jim and Carol Smith. They were the guests of one of his sons. We had a nice chat with them during intermission. Jim has been retired from DA for a few years, but still coaches a football team there @ a Greenfield area industrial school. He’s sharp as ever. Bet he and Carol could still run Mather Dorm and know he could still coach the Big Green! He is a wonderful part of the Deerfield heritage for over 40 years! He looks about as he did back in the early ’60s!

Hope everyone has a fine 4th of July.

Ed Flickinger Class of 1965