Class Notes

Leadership Is Vital for Success

July 9, 2012

I have spent the past year working with organizations around the world who are seeking to build and instill “Leadership Cultures” within the “DNA” of their organizations. In my expereince, our biggest challenge today is not financial crisis nor revolutionary movements. It is the absence of individuals who possess the courage to stand up, tell the truth and be leaders within their chosen fields and careers. Where are the Leadership Role Models for today’s challenging times? Leadership is not about the office or title an individual has placed upon them or before them. Leadership is living each day the values you believe in and through which, you desire to be judged by others. Where have these values gone? Where do we see the likes of a George C. Marshall, Harry Truman , Frank Boyden or Jaun Trippe? Are we reaping the rewards for allowing several generations of our children to be told ,”How wonderful they are, there are no losers and everyone receives a medal?” Accountability, truth, honest discussions and understanding we are all “Brothers and Sisters,” is the key for all our futures. There is no substitute for excellence!
Nathan Mobley Jr Class of 1953