Class Notes

A Trip Back East

July 16, 2012

My educator wife had a conference in Manchester, NH so I had the perfect opportunity to visit D.A. and some old friends. We actually stayed in the Carriage House at the Deerfield Inn, which is recovering nicely from the latest flood. We toured Greenfield (who knew). More importantly, I was able to see John, Martha and Nora Knight in their element, which basically means that I had a front row seat to the “Nora Knight Huricane”. I even had a chance to talk with J.J. Briones who may have stolen Philip Charon’s bicycle from what I could tell. John Munro was in the area so we were able to spend some quality time with him as well. At the end of that dinner my wife remarked that everyone was so friendly and “well behaved” which must have been code. I considered it a “win” and left the subject alone. Thanks to the Knights and John Munro for telling appropriate stories about general DA (and Hamilton) events over the years.
Brian C. Steward Class of 1983