Class Notes

’53 Update

July 10, 2012

The best news I have is that we now have 10 grandchildren who keep us busy. Our family now lives in California, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida-and this changes about every year. In Dallas I have retired from law practice and devote most of my time to family activities, family business, investments, reading, keeping abreast of several charitable organizations we support, and golf (I haven’t shot my age yet in golf, probably never will, but haven’t given up hope.) One activity which I have found interesting and rewarding is Deerfield’s Look to the Hills summer sessions (about 3 days at Deerfield.) This program is for all alumni, and offers a wide variety of mini-courses (with homework for many.) New parents also attend. I have been to two of these sessions in early August of 2011 and 2012. The faculty, I am very happy to report, is college level and very good. In addition to the classes, they have a variety of activities in the afternoons and evenings and the entire experience is great. You have an opportunity to reconnect with the School as it is today, which is much different but yet the same in many important respects, and there is time to meet and know the faculty and the Head of School. Bernie Moran from our class is a long time participant, and I highly recommend it to you and your family.
Anthony Atwell Class of 1953