Class Notes

To The Class of 69 Especially the ZOO

June 8, 2012

I realize that Plunkett Hall ZOO is gone but I strongly believe the spirit lives. The Gawk, Digga- Digga-Digga,Ski-doo,GhoulsMurph, Bobby Gip,et al ( I think I learned that from Mr Charles Hohner) had a spirit in 1969 that would live long into the future. I was called “intolerant and narrow minded” by the transition headmaster (Rusty) Shortly after 1969 I learned that being positive is a better way to use your energy. Now that I am retired I follow that belief daily. I recently lost a good friend. Now that we are in our 60’s I challenge the ZOO and others to strike up a dialog as we plan for our 50th reunion in 2019. I picked the 50th because some of us change more slowly than others
“Churd” Class of 1969