Class Notes

Thank you Harvey…

June 8, 2012

I just recieved Harvey Loomis’s class letter inviting comments from old classmates. I realized I have not submitted anything for decades. Soooo….here I am 80 yrs old, widowed after 50 yrs. with a beautiful ( and very tolerant ) woman, growing older every day with so many pleasant memories and a few more aches with every season. Some of my most delightful memories are from my days at Deerfield with all of you and the incredible faculty that herded us from boyhood to ( more or less) adulthood…what an experience and we were so lucky to have had it. I entered Deerfield as a shy and uncertain child and exited with some self confidence and a lot of determination. Most of this came from Mr. Boyden, our coaches Ben Haviland and Hienie Hubbard… and I suppose some from Mrs. Boyden who didn’t give up on me in chemistry class. As contemplate getting onto the final bus ride I am overwhelmed by the good fortune that allowed me to become a member of the Deerfield family and to have known and learned with all of you. Let’s hope we all “finish up well”…that would please the “Quid” very much.
Charles Hildreth Class of 1949