Class Notes

Memorial Day

June 8, 2012

On Memorial Day I had the pleasure of marching to the Deerfield cemetery with a group of much younger veterans, and with a son-in-law who lives a half-hour north . It gave me a chance to walk the school hall where The Quid sat and watched us for signs of trouble or unhappiness., and a chance to think about the 73 years (!) since our graduation. I’ve written about some of the those years for my grand-children, following the advice of an Elderhostel teacher who said “Try writing a “chapter”, three pages long, double-spaced, about an interesting event in your life. Write another when if you feel like it. Just make sure to start each with a provocative sentence.” Its proved easy, and fun. Happily and luckily I’ve been well, frequently writing three page” chapters”, going to the gym, learning how to sketch, and – as a widower – learning how to cook, make beds and do laundry, and I’ve learned to accept – silently – my children’s failure to raise their children properly.

Ned Coffin Class of 1939