Class Notes

Memorable 20th Reunion

June 14, 2012

Rich Boykin, Jason Craig and Tim Komosa –  ’92 alums

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made reunion weekend so memorable for all the Alums this year. A special thanks to Mimi Morsman, our Director of Alumni Relations, her Associate Director Jenny Hammond, the Assistant Director Jessica Pleasant, Director of Communications David Thiel, the Class Agents, and everyone else on the Alumni Team who worked so hard to pull of a fantastic weekend with flying colors (green and white of course!). Also, another big thank you to the Grounds Crew, Dining Hall Staff, and the Safety and Security Department for an outstanding job enhancing our alumni experience and making sure everyone had a picturesque, delicious, safe and enjoyable time. Reunion weekend is where the rubber meets the road as far as reminding us what is so important about the Deerfield experience, and I must say it felt like a great success for all that attended. Ray Walker’s presentation on the Stokes Foundation was a moving example of the importance of bringing the very special things we shared at DA to kids across the country that may not be as lucky as we were, and it’s a great honor and a pleasure to have Czar leading us in the Deerfield songs and for us to be able to sing them together. Thanks again for all the hard work and amazing memories and can’t wait to see you all in another few years! Go Green!

Photo: dinner time with (top row) Randy Todd ’92, Rich Friary ’92, Rich Boykin ’92 and (bottom row) Erroin Martin ’92, Maggie MacDougall ’92 and Matt Cadarette ’93

Randy Todd Class of 1992